John Wheeler Understands Need For Healthy Lifestyle

April 29, 2016
People struggle every day with a variety of healthy epidemics. From obesity and diabetes to high blood pressure, heart conditions and high cholesterol, individuals regularly face problems that can be aided immensely with healthier lifestyle choices. And despite the immense benefits of a fit life, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition reports that only 5% of adults typically complete 30 minutes or more of physical activity each day, not to mention only one in three adults attempting the recommended amount of activity. Actually, statistics note that 28% of Americans ages 6 and older are deemed physically inactive.

Attempting to fight these statistics north of the American border is entrepreneur and businessman John Wheeler. Based in Toronto, he founded FitnessOne with the goal of inspiring individuals into a healthy lifestyle -- a whole healthy lifestyle that includes mind and body. With dedicated rooms for yoga and pilates to enrich relaxation and spirit, and advanced equipment for physical prowess, Wheeler offers a well-rounded active experience to guests who want to improve their lives in numerous healthful ways.

Healthy decision-making is not always easy, but lifestyle conditions such as these physical epidemics often demand changes. FitnessOne is available for making those alterations and incorporating activity -- including challenging, high-level work when necessary -- toward better living.